Alleged Fraudulent Mortgage -  Esther Ostfeld Committed by Ronald Rutman

One of the frauds by CA Ronald Rutman of an alleged fraudulent mortgage. 

Around August 15, 2008  Mr. Eran Ostfeld ( Esther Ostfeld Son ) approached Mr. Rutman  about a debt that his Mother ( Esther Ostfeld   ) owes the CRA  and they ( the CRA ) may try to put a lien on her condo at 3181 Bayview Ave. which at the time had about $ 350 K in Equity .

Mr. Rutman offered Mr. Ostfeld a simple solution , that he ( Mr. Rutman ) through one of his companies “ Lublin Financials Corp “  will registered a factitious mortgage on the property and this will put them ahead of any pending CRA liens

From words to action.. Mr. Rutman asked Mr. Ostfeld to ask his ( Ostfeld ) Lawyer Mr. Simon Schonblum to be in touch with Mr. Rutman’s Lawyer  ( Joe Fried ) to draft the mortgage documents  

Upon completion of the mortgage documents , Mr Rutman instructed  his account Manager at RBC Dominion bank  Ronni Strauss  to advance for a few days the $ 300,000  to make the mortgage look real

On Monday Aug 25th 2008  $ 300,000.00 check in the name of “ Simon Schonblum in Trust “ was advanced From Fez Financials Corp  account at RBC ( another of Mr. Rutman’s companies  which has an a account at RBC  )

On Tuesday  August 26th  2008 a mortgage was registered in favor  of “ Lublin Financials  “ on Esther Ostfeld property at 3181 Bayview Ave in the amount of $ 300,000.00 plus 18 % annual interest  - to avoid detection Mr. Rutman and Mr. Fried changed the address on the mortgage registration to  5001 Yonge street Suite # 300 ( Mr. Fried’s office ) instead of Lublin’s registered address at  201 Bridgeland Ave.

On Tuesday Aug 26th 2008   an e-mail was sent from Eran Ostfeld to Simon Schonblum  that the he has  a copy of the check of the $ 300,000  made payable to Simon Schonblum in Trust and Mr. Schonblum should arrange a pick up of the check from RBC

On Wed August 27th 2008  Mr. Strauss  ( RBC account manager )  sent a e-mail to Mr. Rutman   that he received the Criss – Cross check  back from Mr. Schonblum but its made out to Lublin and he is having difficulties depositing it at the RBC account      

Same day Wed. Aug 27th 2008   Rutman send a e-mail to Eran Ostfeld  asking him to straighten it out and complaining the Shimon ( Ostfeld’s Lawyer Mr. Schonblum ) had specific instruction how to make out the criss-cross check and the check should have been made to RBC

Same day Wed. August 27th 2008   Mr. Ostfeld sends Rutman a e-mail  informing him that he spoke to Shimon ( Ostfeld lawyer Mr. Simon Schonblum )  and a new check will go out in the name of RBC and in the bottom it will say “ Re: Lublin Financial “

Same day Aug 27th 2008   Mr. Ostfeld sends another e-mail to Mr. Rutman    that he got off the phone with Mr. Strauss ( RBC account Manger ) and the check is on the way to RBC and requesting from  Mr. Rutman for the amount of interest and other charges this crisscross loan accrued during those few days /

Next Day , Thursday Aug 28th  2008  Mr. Ostfeld send a e-mail ( to Mr. Rutman  that he Spoke to Strauss at RBC  and he confirmed that received the proper check the day before and it will be deposited that day  

Same day Aug 28th  2008  Mr. Rutman confirms by e-mail) that he heard from Strauss and Thanks

November 14, 2008 –  $316,068.62 lien is registered against the property by CRA for unpaid taxes. On November 25th, CRA  also registered general security against Esther’s assets under the PPSA. This fraudulent mortgage preceded the CRA